Project Management Courses



This project management course aims to help participants improve their project experience, knowledge, and management abilities. If you have already completed the introductory course in project management or have two or more years experience of working on projects, this course is for you. You will be taught to place your expertise within a framework of tools and best practices. This course will challenge you to become aware of your strengths and teach you how to deepen your knowledge of managing a group.

You will learn how to operate in a leadership role by working on your specific skills combined with the correct management methodology and tools. The course also equips you to deal with medium to large projects across different sectors (private, government or NGO). The facilitator will get you to focus on an actual project that your team is working on or will be working on soon and then help you create real-world strategies so that the whole team achieves the best results.


Projects are fast becoming an essential way of working within organizations to achieve new levels of performance, products and services at less cost than routine operational activities. Many people will be taken out of their regular jobs and placed on a project. It is thus essential to become familiar with the principles, processes, and techniques of project management.


Most organisations are directing their efforts at growing market share through formally structured and controlled initiatives. These initiatives are generally recognised as projects. Managing a project as a value driver for your organisation requires disciplines that someone can acquire through formal training. We provide a course that will take you through the classical approaches and phases internationally recognised as crucial for successful project delivery.

This certificate course will enable you to face complex project challenges confidently, prepare you to deal with everyday challenges and find creative solutions – all within recognised and accepted processes. This course will suit anyone wishing to advance their project management skills. Project management is a highly marketable skill in our growing economy – we need more skilled and competent project managers. This level 5 qualification will give you a highly commercial qualification when advancing your career.

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