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The Assessor Training Course is in-depth for hard-working candidates wanting to enter the professional training and development industry. Educators must be competent assessors to understand how effectively they have transferred knowledge and facilitated learning. Our comprehensive course will provide you with the necessary skills and understanding for a successful career in assessment.


The broad learning objective of this course is to develop the awareness, knowledge, skills and attitudes of participants needed to deliver professional facilitation. This course will ensure any facilitator learns how to present a lesson or training facilitation in a highly experienced, entertaining, dynamic, impactful and interactive manner. This course is designed so that the participants understand the theory of good communication before preparing, delivering and evaluating facilitation within a stimulating context. The course is divided between what good communication is, how to design effective facilitation, and providing it so that you have a persuasive audience impact.


This course has been developed to meet the needs of business and government organisations who desire to respond with compassion and understanding to HIV and AIDS challenges encountered in the workplace. The course aims to provide managers with a more profound knowledge of HIV and AIDS and the skills to manage the impacts of this dreaded disease. Participants will look at the personal implications for employees and organisational areas such as finance, policy and procedures, business climate, roles and responsibilities, human resource adjustments and programmes.

Participants will gain insight into the care continuum of HIV-positive people, prevention strategies, the rights of the employee and employer, workplace HIV/AIDS critical issues, as well as best practices in HIV/AIDS management. The training will be based on adult education principles and is highly interactive. We use workbooks that include case studies, simulations, group activities and individual questionnaires. The course content covers the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for effective HIV/AIDS workplace management.


This course aims to introduce participants to essential knowledge, attitudes and skills about mentoring and coaching in the business environment. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to define the key concepts associated with Coaching and Mentoring, and you will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamental processes behind coaching & mentoring.
  • Have the ability to introduce coaching & mentoring into the organization.
  • Understand the benefits of coaching and mentoring in the organization.
  • Identify opportunities for coaching and mentoring.
  • Understand the nature of the relationships that must be managed in any coaching or mentoring program.
  • Use the knowledge for the overall benefit of the organization.


This is an in-depth course for hard-working candidates wanting to enter the unparalleled excitement of working in a professional industry of trainers and educators. Our extensive course will provide you with the necessary skills and training for a successful career in Assessments as a Moderator. The candidate's portfolio of evidence is compiled on the last training day.

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