Culinary Courses



This qualification gives learners access to such employment opportunities by providing them with the required applied competencies that are formalised and recognised in the food and beverages manufacturing sector and remain nationally and internationally comparable.

Through this qualification, qualified learners can contribute to this sector in manufacturing craft bread and flour confectionery products. This qualification reflects the need of the industry to provide formal, recognised and registered qualifications and unit standards in craft bread and flour confectionery. The qualification also provides the learner with the essential skills needed at a technical level, will facilitate a pathway for further learning and will recognise existing skills and knowledge.


This qualification will increase personal and product safety levels and develop a common integrated and coordinated approach to handling food and related products. A person acquiring this qualification will understand personal and product safety and life skills that will allow them to be responsible citizens. It will provide benefits to the society and economy of South Africa and knowledge and skills in the handling of food and related products.

The learner is sensitised to the specific culture, opportunities and demands of food handling. The skills, knowledge, values and understanding demonstrated within this qualification are essential for a positive impact on social and economic transformation and upliftment within the democratic South African society.


A person acquiring this qualification can produce a packaged food or beverage product by operating, controlling and maintaining a primary or secondary packaging process within a food manufacturing environment whilst applying food safety, personal safety, quality assurance and monitoring critical control points.

This qualification will contribute to the full development of the learner within the food and beverage packaging environment by providing recognition, further mobility and portability within the field of food manufacturing and sensitive fast-moving consumer goods environment.

The skills, knowledge and understanding required to achieve this qualification are essential for the social and economic transformation of the South African food manufacturing environment. They will contribute to the upliftment and skills development of the people therein.

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