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Career Opportunities: administration as a personal assistant, office administrator, secretary, receptionist, a legal secretary.

SGPC offers this course as a 12-month or 6-month program of six modules. The learner-ship program is a 12-month program, while the National certificate is a 6-month course.

Module Duration: 5 Days (We schedule modules monthly or bi-monthly)

Learners must apply what they have learned and prepare their Portfolios of Evidence. We can offer the program to employees in the workplace or as a tertiary student course.

This qualification is for any individual who is or wishes to be involved in the administration function within any industry or non-commercial venture/organization. The core component of the qualification offers the learner knowledge and skills in managing records, comprehension of written and verbal texts, business writing, problem-solving, ethics, cultural awareness, self-management, self-development, project teamwork, and business policies and procedures. The qualification through its elective component enables the learner to specialize in administration areas such as reception, executive administration, financial literacy, relationship management, legal knowledge, communication, project administration, support, call center administration, and human resources.

The FETC in Business Administration Services(NQF Level 4) is designed to meet the needs of employed or unemployed learners who are already involved or wish to become involved in the administration field.

'Administration' is an essential field of learning as administration competencies apply to all industries and many non-commercial ventures. Therefore, there is an ongoing need for skilled administrative people to carry out these functions in the commercial and non-commercial sectors.

There is also a need to develop career paths in this field to offer people involved in administration the opportunity to continue with a program of life-long learning, which will make them knowledgeable and skilled employees with enhanced employment opportunities.

The FETC in Business Administration Services at NQF Level 4 allows the learner to work towards a nationally recognized Qualification.


This course aims to ensure new employees understand the world of work. It also equips new employees to conduct themselves professionally in the workplace.


This course aims to become a super salesperson. When you have completed this course, you will be able to define the key concepts associated with Sales, and you will be able to:

  • Identify the main obstacles that can block sales.
  • Understand the nature of selling viewed as a process.
  • Understand various sales techniques, from preparing a proposal to closing the deal.
  • Build an effective sales process for your service.
  • Explain the benefits of having an effective sales process that you can use consistently to deliver better sales results.
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